Family owned & operated Real Estate Investment Company.
Our company is designed to help those in need of quality & affordable homes.
We offer owner finance and we have programs in place to help you avoid foreclosure and salvage your credit.

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We Rehab, Buy, Sell, Rent and Manage Commercial and Residential Properties.
We acquire real estate that best meets our criteria for investment, Legacy has fostered a regimented investment approach that combines the experience of its team of real estate professionals with a structure that emphasizes thorough market research, stringent underwriting standards and an extensive down-side analysis of the risks of each investment. Legacy invests in single family detached homes. The Legacy Team identifies potential acquisition candidates in the following ways:

 Utilizing existing bank and real estate brokerage relationships
 MLS (multiple listing service)
 REO auctions
 Direct solicitation of property owners

Though these are the guidelines and resources within which the company will work, Legacy meets investment objectives through the precise selection and valuation of individual assets. When making an acquisition, the company emphasizes the potential and risk characteristics of that individual property, how that investment will fit with the performance objectives and how the returns and risks of that property compare to the returns and risks of available alternative properties.